Watch Out! $100 Bill Car Scam is a Real Thing! - For the Cars

Watch Out! $100 Bill Car Scam is a Real Thing!

Watch Out! $100 Bill Car Scam is a Real Thing!

The holiday season is nearing and it brings us joy and cheer but also the scrooges begin to surface! You have to admit that a present under the tree or a package on the doorstep will always be tempting for most of us. Holiday season burglars can take that holiday spirit and cheer away in an instance. Staying well informed about their latest scams is the best protection against them!

A woman from Prince George’s County, Maryland was a victim of such a scam. In order to help you stay safe she decided to share her story. She posted a photo on Facebook to warn others about the latest scam that is happening in her area.


One day she went shopping and after she finished shopping she noticed a $100 bill on her car on the windshield. As you probably already guessed the bill was counterfeit and it you try and reach for the bill the burglar will try and steal your car under your nose while you are distracted! She took a photo and posted it on Facebook and almost instantly the post went viral and ended up on FOX News!

Here’s couple of tips on how to avoid theft during the holiday season:

1. Empty houses are usually a target for burglars so it’s probably best if you leave a light on in the house to make it look like you are home.

2. Don’t leave packaged in the back of your car because you will make your car a potential burglar target. Always put your packages in the trunk and out of the sight!

3. Don’t overshare on Social Media. This is especially important if your social media profile is public. Oversharing will let others know about your whereabouts and then you are exposed to theft!

The video on the next page will teach you more on the holiday scams. Share this post with your friends and loved ones to warn them about holiday season burglars!


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