All Terrain DTV Shredder - For the Cars

All Terrain DTV Shredder

All Terrain DTV Shredder

The all-terrain DTV Shredder was presented for the first time 4 years ago but the Shredder has finally hit the retail market and it has all the attributes to be very popular for the upcoming holiday season.


The dual tracked vehicle or simply DTV gives riders ability to ride though rough terrain like mud and snow with ease thanks to 196cc engine that generates 13HP.

Looking at the Shredder I can only think of it like the big bad brother of the Segway with ability to go 30 MPH on pretty much every terrain.

Shredders control system is similar to the skateboard, with the user leaning from side to side to turn and using a hand brake to slow down.

Check out the DTV Shredder in action in the video below and if you want it you can buy it.



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