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Real-Life Drivable BMW Transformer!

Real-Life Drivable BMW Transformer!

Whole this time I was thinking that all those Transformers movies are just fictional but as it turns out those giant car-robots are real! You don’t believe me? Ok…the get ready to get your mind blown!


This real life transformer was made in Turkey by a Turkish company named Letrons and as you can see from the images below its fully functional real-life transformer. Okey okey, not fully functional…. It doesn’t fight Decepticons and fly but it can drive around when it’s in car mode.

I know I want one and I’m sure you do too, but I’m not sure if I can afford one because I can only imagine this thing does not come cheap and IF I can afford one I would most definitely want a life-sized Optimus Prime!

Enjoy the gallery below and there’s a video on the next page!





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