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NYC Taxi – DeLorean Style

NYC Taxi – DeLorean Style

The DeLorean is without a doubt one of “Back to the Future” unsung heroes. This trilogy has inspired many people to restore and build an exact replica, just like the one in the movie.

One of those enthusiast is Mike Lubrano, a designer based in New York City who decided to turn one DeLorean into a NYC yellow cab.

NYC Delorean Taxi

NYC Delorean Taxi 1

NYC Delorean Taxi 2

But like always there is a catch. This DeLorean taxi cab exist only in Mike’s computer, despite the fact that these pictures fooled more than a few people on the internet.

For now, the car is just an idea but who knows what the future brings? Erm… except Dr. Emmet Brown of course 🙂

If all this was true, I can see this going like:

Taxi Driver: Good afternoon sir.
Me: Good afternoon.
Taxi Driver: What year would you like to go to sir?
Me: Take me back when Lakers didn’t suck this much!
Taxi driver: (Weird look)


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