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Natural Ways to Deodorize Your Car

Natural Ways to Deodorize Your Car

It’s true we won’t deny it… those synthetic air fresheners can really make your car smell wonderful! However, because of the chemicals in it they have detrimental effects on your health!


So I ask myself as a car owner what I need to do to make my car smell good but also to stay safe. Before I show you a number of ways to make your car smell good naturally let us focus on what makes synthetic air fresheners stink.

If you suffer from nausea and headaches while driving don’t put the blame right away on the traffic jam or the bad drivers… it could be due to your favorite synthetic air freshener! It fills the air in the car with chemicals that mask and unfavorable odor and according to experts those chemicals can be really bad for your health!

These are just some of the chemicals that are found in the air fresheners that can wreak havoc to your heath!

Phthalates – Commonly found in paints and pesticides and are known to cause hormonal imbalance.

Acetone – can cause organ damage!

Butane – Yep… that’s the same fluid in the lighters and it’s widely known that can cause serious damage to your brain!

Formaldehyde – I know… I’m surprised too!? Why there is formaldehyde in the air fresheners!? Experts say that even minimal exposure for longer periods can cause cancer!



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