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Loudest Motorcycle Exhaust Ever! Period!

Loudest Motorcycle Exhaust Ever! Period!

The article title says all… it’s loud! Lower your headphones or speakers…

Needless to say these guys are crazy! I mean who does this!? Who attach metal tube to the exhaust to make a loud bike even louder!?

Yoshimura Loudest Exsaust

I can only imagine how loud this is and judging by the looks of the people around the bike I’m pretty sure that this video ONLY shows us how loud it is…

This bike gives whole new meaning to the saying “Loud pipes save lives!” and the way I see it there are only two kids of people… one’s that will lower the sound of this video and those who will crank the volume up!!!


When you think you saw everything… another video pops up! I mean WTH!?

Check what this guy did to his neighbors! Loudest Bike Ever! Why Would Anybody Hate Their Neighbors So Much!

Loud Bike against Neighbours


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