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Lady Gaga’s Chevy El Camino

Lady Gaga’s Chevy El Camino

After this you may find new respect for Lady Gaga.

As we all know some things never get out of style and I’m guessing Lady Gaga know that very well. I never saw her as a car person and to be honest I’m quite surprised. Most of the pop stars are not quite car lovers although some of them just go and buy the flashiest car they encounter.

Taking all things in consideration it turns out that Lady Gaga is quite car fanatic. Back in 2012 when she launched her perfume line she used a red 1990 Rolls Royce. Later that same car was auctioned for charity.

On quite a few occasions she was spotted on the streets of LA in her grey Audi R8. Her coolest car though is black Chevy El Camino. Recently she posted a picture of herself in the El Camino with a title saying “Some things never go out of style.” I couldn’t agree more!

What do you think? How do you like this? Do you like her car taste?

Gaga Camino

Posted by Lady Gaga on Sunday, March 20, 2016


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