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Donald Trump’s 5 Favorite Cars

Donald Trump’s 5 Favorite Cars

A person as rich as Donald Trump can literally buy any car he wants.

This Republican presidential candidate has everything from buildings, houses, helicopters, airplanes and of course lots of cars. It`s a shame that he doesn’t drive his own cars because he loves to be driven in limousines. In any case he does have quite a car collection.

Despite his controversial personality and statements in the media his taste in cars is pretty good. When he’s not flying in his $100 million Boeing 757 with gold plated interior he can choose driving aRolls Royce, Lamborghini, Mercedes…

Like any other human being Donald Trump has a favorite car too. He actually has 5 favorite cars.

1.    2003 Mercedes – Benz SLR McLaren

When it was released back in 2003 the Mercedes SLR McLaren was outrageous with its wind-cheating design and V8 supercharged engine so it’s no wonder it’s one of his favorite cars. In that time with a price tag of around $500.000 this machine was like reserved for the wealthiest buyers.



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