American Burnouts VS Australian Burnouts - For the Cars

American Burnouts VS Australian Burnouts

American Burnouts VS Australian Burnouts

Burnouts are a real competition now. Competition where cars are judged on how much smoke they can produce by spinning their tires. It`s that simple.

This all started as a underground movement, but today they are official and these kind of events are attracting more and more people and driving participants. It’s almost like a rock concert.

Burnout Competition

For the burnouts, drivers use modified cars without rear brakes and 600 to 1000HP under the hood. They use only the front brakes while flooring the gas simultaneously, shifting gears making the tires spin as fast as possible.

The rules of this events are simple. For starters, burnouts take place in well secured area where the driver must keep the wheels spinning for at least 90 seconds while not crossing out of the defined competition area. In this competition you must blow the tires. If not, you are penalized.

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America has unique muscle car scene, but the Aussies have had a thriving one for years. They use powerful V8s from the 60s and 70s. It’s an amazing subculture in both countries and there is an ongoing debate on which burnouts are better. The American ones or the Australian ones.

You… you will have to decide for yourself after watching these couple of videos.

Part 1


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