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A Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Drift Car?

A Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Drift Car?

We already witnessed Lamborghini drift car but I would never have thought about Rolls Royce drift car! Never!

Maybe we are little late to the story but I’m sure it’s more than worth the time.

This particular Silver Shadow is manhandled by a VIP driver, Shane Lynch to be exact the guy from Boyzone. Seeing his neck tattoo we can only guess that the guy is a gear-head and loves to race.

Even when it’s not roasting its rear tires you won’t mistake this Silver Shadow for a regular chauffeur vehicle. Having the Spirit of Ecstasy for a handbrake lever is particularly awesome!

This RR is powered by the stock 6.75 liter V8 engine and the same goes for the three-speed automatic gearbox.

Take a look at the gallery below and also a video of the Silver Shadow in action.




The video is on the next page…


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