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7 Reasons Why Supercars Are so Expensive

7 Reasons Why Supercars Are so Expensive

Lately the word “supercar” is used very loosely. The word describes a car that is super powerful, super luxurious but also super expensive. That last part is the annoying one! It’s the very thing that keeps us from driving a supercar.

These supercars are accessible only to an extremely small group of people who can afford them. Some of us see them and simply accept the fact that they are expensive because they are beautiful, but there’s more to it.

Have you ever asked yourself why the Bugatti is the most expensive car in the world? Why is it $1.000.000? Why the Rolls-Royce cost more than half a million dollars?


Ok don’t panic, here’s why:

1. Emerging Technology

For the sake of argument let’s talk about Rimac Concept-One (electric supercar). Yes, the car has concept in the name but is not just a concept anymore. The car is priced $980.000. The Rimac Concept-One car is powered by a 4 individual 92kW motors that can “catapult” this car from 0-62 in just 2.8 seconds. When this kind of technology is used in your car the price tag is well justified.



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