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Heaven on Earth! Theme Park Where You Can Drive Tanks, Crush Cars and Shoot Machine Guns!

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What Will Happen if You Pour Glue in Your Car’s Engine?

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Taking Paul Walkers Nissan Skyline to a Car Meeting in Switzerland!

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Woman Abandons Limited Edition Aston Martin DB9 Because of Enormous Repair Bill

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Presidents Trump Cadillac One is Stocked With Emergency Blood, Rocket Launcher and…

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Simple Trick to Make Your Car Look 5 Years Younger

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1000 Horse Power Hot Rod Called Coupezilla!

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Can a Truck Tire Explosion Kill You?

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WOW! Craziest Stunt Ever! You Don’t Want to Miss This Jump Over the Border Between Canada and United States!

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2014 Mustang GT VS Corvette C5 Z06 Tug O’ War!

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Guy Crashed His $500.000 Ferrari While Trying to Impress His Date!

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Meanwhile in Russia… Try Not to Laugh!

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Employee Wrecks Bosses Car With a Mining Truck!

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Coolest Truck Ever! A Truck Made of Ice Blocks!

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Dude Just Put 1 Million Orbeez Inside His Girlfriends Car!

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Golden Lamborghini Aventador Trashed in Poland Traffic Crash!

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It’s Alive! This is the Legendary Elvis Presley BMW!

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You Don’t See This Everyday! A Ship Towing a Stuck Truck!

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Runaway Crane! There’s No Chance Stopping This Monster!

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